I began doing HeartMath ® with Nellie the Spring of 2009. I was at a point in my life where I felt that I didn’t know how to go about making the changes I needed for myself. Nellie worked with me over several months and with her help and guidance I regained my focus and feelings of self-worth. She has such a kind and intuitive way in which she helps others. When you work with Nellie, you instantly become aware that your well being and success are important to her. She is totally focused on you and your needs. She gives respectful suggestions and helps you to see things in a different light. With Nellie’s help I was able to look deep within myself and see the cause of some of my problems and helped me to find the strength within myself to begin to heal and overcome these issues. I am now able to visualize the things I want and deserve. ~ Julie


Nellie has shown me the heart’s equivalence for cognitive therapy. I used to think, What should I work on first? High blood pressure? Weight? Depression? Stress Management? Enhancing relationships? There is so much I want to fix about myself that I don’t know where to start! But after working with Nellie, I not only feel good about myself and where I am right now, but those things to fix have become attainable goals I am more optimistic about. But mostly, instead of trying to be something I wasn’t, I’m able to appreciate who I am. I feel like I have been re-born and can finally begin living my life! The wisdom of the heart is powerful and knows your authentic self. It’s like having found a corner piece to a puzzle. My perspective has been forever changed and I actually feel at home in this universe! ~ Tammy


Nellie Moore “jumped in” to help me with an intense grief related block when I began the Wellness Wheel Inventory Training. For this gift of time, relational compassion and professional expertise I shall be eternally grateful. I would not have moved forward in my career and life planning as smoothly and thoroughly without her compassionate guidance. Nellie has the ability to hear a person’s heart and intuitively respond to the heart’s needs. This is a very rare gift. I highly recommend Nellie to anymore seeking authenticity and genuine compassion within their professional coaching experience. ~ j.Elizabeth (Elizabethlifecoach.com)


Nellie Moore has generously offered coaching to many students of our Wellness Inventory Certification Training. All have reported important breakthroughs in the safe space she provides. By all accounts of her work in the two years I have known her, she brings a dynamic combination of skills and sensitivities to her coaching which makes her work deeply effective. Her training, ethics, intelligence, and personal experience make her uniquely gifted to understand and be present for clients who have experienced trauma. Her sensitivity and intuitive reach enables her to move with clients in ways that engender trust and remarkable insight. And her sense of humor and creative ability to brainstorm and reframe are masterful. I highly recommend her work. ~ Bobbie Burdett* www.authenticoach.comBobbie Burdett ~ Director of Training HealthWorld Online


* Postscript – my dear friend and colleague, and the dear friend and colleague of many others, Bobbie Burdett ~ passed from this world in the Spring of 2014. She is ,and will always be missed. Love you Bobbie

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