Supporting The A Word


Hey Everyone,

I have a request. If you can do it that’s wonderful. If not that’s okay too. No explanation needed. If it speaks to you to share this post on your facebook page that would be wonderful too!

I’ve just sent the following letter off to one of our local PBS stations, TPT.

I am also going to post this on my older blog Wisdom and will ask for support there as well. I've already posted it to my facebook page.

This is the email address for TPT if you are local to the TPT viewing area and would like to write to them too, and this is the website for PBS if you’d like to contact your local PBS stations.


Thank you!

My letter below. Feel free to copy it and insert your own local or personal info.

Dear TPT,

My name is Nellie Moore and I am an autistic women, diagnosed in December 2014 at age 53.

Since receiving my diagnosis part of my mission has been to support and advocate for others who are autistic and their families in whatever ways I am able.

Today I came across this program called The A Word.…/…/05/autism-tv-drama-the-a-word

The drama has been broadcast in the UK and is now making it’s way to Canada. I learned about it today from the Autism Ontario facebook page. I would love to see a positive, educational, supportive light being shed on Autism.

I would welcome the opportunity to watch this program and my thoughts are that across the PBS broadcasting system others would feel the same. I am not a current contributor to the PBS family, though our family has been in the past. I can promise you that should this program make it to PBS and our local TPT Station I will be contributing in whatever way that I can.

I would like to see it available nationwide for all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Nellie P. Moore

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