Challenges, Strengths, & Opportunities

Yesterday's post, One Year In was like dipping my toe in the waters, testing the temperatures for where I want to go next. I've been thinking about who I am really,  and what is important to me as I've moved through the end of my first year of official diagnosis.

I mentioned yesterday that I have read several books over the past year that have been helpful in understanding myself better, where I'm going and what I want. The suggested reading list is on my calender to create this weekend.  Stay tuned and look for a page devoted to those books.

One of those books I've recently read is called I AM Aspien Woman - The Unique Characteristics, Traits, and Gifts of AdultFemales on the Autism Spectrum by Tania Marshall, M.Sc.. I highly recommend it and other books she has written.

Reading Tania's book helped me to see myself as more than a set of challenges and inspired me to entertain the idea that I have strengths, what Tania calls, "AspienPowers - gifts, strengths and or abilities".

For example, until reading her book I had no idea how many traits and strengths I shared with other Aspien women. It was like turning on a spotlight and shining it on the large community that I am a part of, not even realizing how connected I am. It's been liberating to say the least.

I want to use Wisdom Tara to explore these traits and strengths and live my life in a richer, more fulfilled way and I invite you to participate as you feel so inspired.

Tomorrow will be the first of many posts I'll be makingon my own challenges, strengths, & opportunities as an Autistic women. I'm excited to share this adventure with you.

Here's to the amazing women that we are!

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