Yes . . . I AM

I'm sharing a link to a blog posted by chavisory. It's a powerful post about the importance of being who we are.

My own thoughts on this are as follows. I too grew up undiagnosed and it was only December 2014 at age 53 that I finally had answers. The struggle to not be who I was, even not knowing, finally led to my equivalent of a collapse in 2008 and I was hospitalized for the better part of a month. They diagnosed it as Depression and Anxiety and PTSD. They never saw or looked for Autism. It was me who knew there was something else and kept looking and it's now that I can see that all of those years of denial of who I was, who I am is what led to my collapse. Trying to hold it all together had finally run it's course. Parents have to know that this is who we are.



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