Going On An Adventure

Aspien At Heart hosts two blogs at this time. The first, Aspien At Heart Community, is a gathering place for information and support all things girls and women aspie. The second blog, Aspien At Heart ~ Challenges, Strengths, Community, is a more personal space where I hope to process my own experience of being an autistic girl and woman. I did not know I was autistic when I was young but I do have the memories and I'm looking back at my life now with my diagnosis in hand. As I do this I'm hoping that maybe some of my processing here will help others too. I'm making the comments open so that our community can share when they can relate to things.

Over the years that I’ve been a wellness coach and circle facilitator it’s shown me that many times when one of us is experiencing something, often times others in the community are too and when one of us shares, others can benefit.

Communities like the one I hope to build here have really helped to carry me through during those times when I felt like I was alone and feeling quite bat shit crazy. These communities helped me to understand I was not alone, nor crazy either. I hope the growing community here may benefit others in the same way, and likewise be a place where we can celebrate every wonderful thing about ourselves.


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